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Enable your customers to pay instantly by enabling Tap to Pay

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This overview will cover:

  • What is the Tap to Pay feature?

  • How does a business activate Tap to Pay?

  • Tap to Pay: key features

  • Tap to Pay: benefits

  • Use cases/where to use Tap to Pay

  • Why is Tap to Pay a great feature?

What is the Tap to Pay feature?

Tap to Pay is a new payment feature offered through Pomelo’s suite of mobile payment solutions.

It allows you to take contactless payments by tapping your customer’s card or device on your Android phone. By leveraging near-field communication (NFC), Tap to Pay will enable you to use your smartphone as a payment terminal by capturing card details through a contactless 'tap' on the back of your Android device. This allows businesses to seamlessly and securely accept payments through a simple tap to their phone.

We can accept all contactless payments for Visa and Mastercard, including debit/credit cards in addition to accepting payments via Google Pay/Apple Pay on watches, mobiles, and wearables.

With Tap to Pay enabled businesses can drastically reduce the time it takes to process payments at the checkout.

A whole range of businesses can take advantage of this feature including brick and mortar stores, hospitality businesses, the construction and trade industry and businesses that operate in multiple locations.

Statistics show that over 80% of people regularly use contactless payments for purchases. Integrating Tap to Pay will create a customer-friendly checkout that will streamline payment processing, increase conversions and encourage return visits.

How does a business activate Tap to Pay?

Businesses can begin accepting Tap to Pay payments in just a few simple steps.

  1. The user downloads the Pomelo Pay app which contains the contactless plugin and ensures transactions are secure.

  2. Link the secure plugin within the app.

  3. The user navigates to More and selects Payment settings.

  4. They then click Payment methods and then Tap to Pay.

  5. The user then follows the steps to activate Tap to Pay on the device.

Currently, Tap to Pay can only be activated from Pomelo Pay on Android devices.

Tap to Pay: key features

Robust security

Transactions are dynamically encrypted and protected with the same security technology with EMV® chip cards.


Accept payments anywhere, reduce waiting times and boost business with faster transactions.

No clunky terminals

It allows businesses to accept contactless payments anywhere by turning NFC-enabled Android smartphones into card readers to function as point-of-sale devices.

No contracts

Businesses aren’t locked into any lengthy contracts when using Pomelo Pay to process payments. They can leave whenever they want.


This cutting-edge technology allows you to accept payments in just one tap, no matter where you and your customer are.

Check if your business is eligible here.

Tap to Pay: benefits

Cut queues

With Tap to Pay enabled, transactions can be completed in seconds. Customers have a better experience as they aren’t required to wait to make their purchases.

Respond to demand

If there is an influx of customers, staff can use their smartphones to reduce the burden and assist with payment processing.

Lower costs

Businesses aren’t required to pay for payment terminals. Using smartphones as payment terminals lowers overheads and requires no ongoing fees.

Increase sales

Statistics show that customers spend more using digital payments when compared to cash. Providing customers with Tap to Pay encourages them to spend even more in-store.

Improve customer experience

Reducing waiting times and allowing customers to pay using their preferred payment methods enhances the customer experience and increases return visits.

Use cases/where to use Tap to Pay

Brick and mortar stores

All types of retail shops can benefit from reducing queues and waiting times by accepting Tap to Pay smartphone payments.

Service and on-the-go businesses

Payment terminals aren’t feasible for service businesses that take customer payments sporadically. The ideal solution is a smartphone terminal that can accept payments as and when they need to. Businesses that operate in multiple locations or on an ad hoc basis can set up contactless payment processing easily on their smartphones.


Restaurants and bars can speed up ordering times through faster transactions which allow for a quicker turnaround of customers.

Construction and trade

Getting paid for services rendered is simple and easy with Tap to Pay. There’s no need to chase payments for invoices as employees can present their smartphones to a customer immediately after a completed project.


Drivers can accept contactless payments through their smartphones. Multiple employees can be tracked and managed through the Pomelo Pay app.

International businesses

Alternative payment methods are extremely popular around the world. Shops that have, or are trying to attract international customers should facilitate these types of payments.

Why is Tap to Pay a great feature?

Now that customers can pay up to £100 using Tap to Pay, it is even more important that businesses accommodate contactless payments. With Pomelo Pay’s Tap to Pay feature, customers can pay with all their preferred payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Once a business has opened an account with Pomelo Pay, downloading the app and setting up payment processing takes just seconds. Businesses will then be able to offer an even better checkout experience that will reduce waiting times, cut costs and boost conversions.

If you need any assistance activating Tap to Pay, you can contact us for a quick response.

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