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Cookies help us to make sure our website functions effectively, give you a better browsing experience and help us to show you more relevant ads.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny data files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. They allow us to record certain pieces of information when you visit, browse or interact with our site, for example which pages or products get viewed the most. We use this information to improve the website experience and to help us serve you more relevant advertising. The length of time that these cookies are stored on your device depends on the cookie but generally it’s anywhere between a few minutes and up to two years.

We use these types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for this site to work properly. They include cookies that ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website. They do not store any personal information.

You can’t turn these cookies off.

Functional cookies

These are cookies that allow our website to provide extra functionality and personalisation.

An example of functionality is caching data from our servers to reduce the time it takes for a web page to load. We also use these cookies to set your language preferences.

You can turn these cookies off.

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow us to measure the usage of the website, such as which pages are viewed and time spent on our website. These technologies also help us to understand if you have visited our website before so that we know how many unique users we have. With this information we are able to understand the most popular parts of our website and make sure the experience of our website is better for everyone.

An example of an analytics cookie is Google Analytics which collects information like the pages you’ve visited and the type of web browser. It does not collect personally identifiable data such as your name or email address. It also tells us whether you are a new or returning visitor which allows us to make sure we don’t show you the same things twice, like our cookie banner. Please note that our Google Analytics cookie includes Google signals. When Google users have ads personalisation enabled in their Google account Google signals collects information about their cross-device behaviour. This information may include end user location, search history, YouTube history and data from sites that partner with Google. The data provided to us is aggregated and anonymised.

You can turn these cookies off.

Advertising cookies

These cookies allow us to show you advertisements that you may be interested in based on your browsing behaviour. These technologies also help us to analyse the effectiveness of our ad campaigns.

An example of an advertising cookie is LinkedIn which collects data regarding a person’s visit to our website including which pages they visited and their device. This allows us to see how effective our LinkedIn ads are but also helps us to make sure we don’t show ads to people who already use our services.

You can turn these cookies off.

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