Enhanced security

Add an extra layer of security to your payment links

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Enhanced security is an extra layer of protection we have added to our payment links. It is where we allow merchants to increase the security of payment links by limiting the number of times it can be opened.

How to access the enhanced security for payment links

To access the security settings, click the Payment links tab within the dashboard. At the bottom of the payment link expiry date, you will see Additional security settings to click.

Defining the number of locations to a payment link can be opened

To define the limit a payment link can be opened by a new location, simply type in the number under Number of locations and click Add to confirm.

To consider:

  • Limits on the number that can be defined.

  • If merchants can reset the setting after the link has been created.

  • If settings can only be added to payment on the creation.

  • If the security setting can not be added after the payment link has been created.

Once the setting has been added to a payment link, you will be redirected back to the page where you created your original payment link.

Viewing a transaction with the setting applied

To view settings applied to a transaction, click the Transactions tab on the left hand side bar. At the bottom of each transaction you open, you will find a section at the bottom called Security settings.

How to reset the number of locations

To reset the number of locations, click the Refresh symbol under Security settings > Number of locations > Confirm. By resetting this, it will return the location count to 0 and the customer can continue to view the payment.

What happens if my customer surpasses the number of locations?

You can set the number of times a link can be opened by the number of locations. If the payment link is viewed by more locations than available, the payment will be locked. The customer will receive an error to inform them that the link is no longer valid and has expired and should contact the merchant to receive a new link or have the current link reset.

What enhanced security means for your business

Safer and controlled access

By limiting the number of times you can share a link, it enables access to only the person that needs to open it to pay and stops your links being shared multiple times, through various supply chains.

Reduce the risk of chargebacks

By enabling your customers to track payments to you more easily, it reduces the risk of chargebacks, saving you both time and money.

Full control

By setting the number of times a link can be opened, you always have complete control of your payments.

Extra protection

With increased security and traceability, you have extra protection knowing a link cannot be opened by the wrong person

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