How to send a payment link
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To send a payment link from your phone, simply follow the steps:

  • Open the Pomelo app and enter the amount you want to charge the customer. A one-time link will automatically be created for you to send via email, WhatsApp or SMS.

  • You can enter a reference and pay-by-date if you like at this stage.

  • Your customer can then pay by clicking the link from wherever they are via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major debit/credit card.

  • You'll receive an email alert when payment is made and you’ll receive the funds in your bank account the next working day.

Via the Dashboard:

You can send payment links in seconds from the Merchant dashboard. Click on Payment links from the left hand menu, enter the amount to be requested and click Next. A secure payment link is automatically generated. Simply enter the recipient's email address and send to request payment. You'll receive an email alert when payment is made.

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