Can I print out my QR code?
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Yes, you can print out your QR code!
You can also display it anywhere you like.

We have two kinds of QR codes:

1. A dynamic QR code

This is generated on the app, when you enter yourself a specific amount to charge the customer in-person.

2. A static QR code

You can print this QR code out which can be allocated to any shop you build with us. The simplest form would be a shop with no products so that when the customer scans the QR, they will be taken to a link, and be asked "How much would you like to pay". This means that the customer will enter the amount and press pay.

For the static QR, you can print and include it in any materials you'd like. For example, you can have the QR at the bottom of an invoice with some instructions that says "To pay this invoice, please scan the QR at the bottom, enter the amount specified in the invoice and click pay". You, the merchant, will receive a notification in the app, and an email confirmation when the payment comes through.

Where to find my static QR code?

Login to the merchant dashboard and click on My shop in the left hand menu. Here, you will have access to your unique static QR code to download or where you can print a personal URL link to your online shop. This gives you the ability to turn any location into a sales channel by displaying your unique static QR code. Your customer simply has to scan this QR code and it will allow them to view products to your shop or menu on their own phone (don’t worry they don’t need an app).

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