Receipts overview

Learn how to send and resend an email receipt

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In this overview, we will cover:

  • How to send an email receipt

  • How to resend an email receipt

How to send an email receipt

When your customer makes a payment to you, they will be directed to a Payment successful page. Here, it will ask them to add an email address to send an email receipt to themselves. They just need to make sure they have typed in their email address correctly.

How to resend an email receipt

If your customer made a spelling mistake or your customer says they did not receive an email receipt, then you can resend this to them by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Transactions tab on the left, and find the transaction ID. Copy this as you will need it for step 2 (it will contain a mix of numbers and letters).

  2. Simply type in the following URL, followed by the transaction ID.

  3. You should now see the Payment successful page. Click Send email receipt.

This URL link will be valid for 5 days after the transaction has been completed with the customer if you need to resend this.

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