Overview of payment links

Discover how to send customers requests payments

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In this overview we will cover:

  • What are payment links?

  • How do payment links work?

  • Main features of payment links

  • Benefits to your business

What are payment links?

Payment links are links that you can send to your customer to get paid when they are not physically with you. We also call this a payment request.

How do payment links work?

Open the app, go to the menu on the top left corner, and select Send a request. You can now enter the amount you want to charge the customer. We will create a one-time link for you to send via email, WhatsApp or SMS. You can also enter a reference (so you know which payment is for which customer) and alter the pay-by-date if you like (the default time for a payment link to expire is 7 days). Your customer can then click the link from wherever they are, to easily pay the amount with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major debit/credit card. You'll receive an email alert when payment is made and you’ll receive the funds in your bank account the next working day.

Main features of payment links

Safe way to pay remotely

Payment links are a great solution for taking payments remotely, such as over the phone or when the customer is at home. The perfect way to keep everyone safe.

Multiple ways to send the payment links

Choose to send your payment link via SMS, WhatsApp, email or even put the link in your invoice for customers to pay.

Quick and flexible

In just a few clicks you’ll be paid. Your customer can open the link on the phone or computer. Once they click on it they are given the choice of paying by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Track your payments

Each link can be sent with a reference of your choice, making it perfect for keeping track of orders.

Benefits to your business

Payment links are our most versatile product. Use them to accept payment before delivery, charge a customer after a job is complete or take a deposit.

They are perfect for when your customer isn’t present or you need time to calculate the bill or invoice.

You can also use the merchant dashboard to send payment links. Here, you will be able to view your full transaction data and track sales reports to gain further insight into your business.

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