Overview of the shop
Build your own ecommerce platform to sell goods
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In this overview we will teach you how to build your own online shop:

  • What is the shop?

  • How does a shop work?

  • Creating your shop

  • What are the main features of the shop?

  • Benefits to your business

What is the shop?

Ever wanted your own website but found website builders too complicated or too expensive? Then a Pomelo Pay shop is for you.

With the shop feature, you can create your very own online store selling products. Customers can view your shop via a link or QR code, browse your items, and select and pay for them...just like a normal website!

The great thing about the shop is that it’s free to create. All you pay is a 1.49% processing fee on the sale of items.

Click here to see an example of an online shop created with Pomelo Pay:

How does a shop work?

A shop works by a customer clicking on your link, like the one above, or scanning your QR code. This takes them to your online shop, which is viewable on the internet just like any normal website. From here they can browse the products you have for sale and buy whatever they want. If you offer delivery you can simply ask for their delivery address when they are ready to pay.

Creating your shop

Shop is available on our app and our website. To get started select Shop or My shops from the menu once logged in.

If you are starting a shop from scratch there are a few things you should do:

  • Upload some products.

  • Create some categories (for example starters and mains or pens and books).

  • Add a logo and choose a colour for your shop.

This is how your shop will look to your customers:

What are the main features of the shop?

Upload products easily

For each product that you want to sell in your online shop you can add an image, a short description, a long description and a price.

Add your own branding

Select a hero image that shows off your brand and communicates well what you do. Use a colour to make your shop pop.

Capture your customers’ details

Ask for your customers’ email address, delivery address or phone number during checkout to facilitate effective delivery of products.

Send products as itemised billing

Charge your customers for specific items by sending them as an itemised bill. This is a useful feature when discussing orders over the phone or taking food orders at a table.

Benefits to your business

A Pomelo Pay shop is a cost effective solution to having your own website. It’s free to create a shop, all you pay is a 1.49% fee per transaction.

Once your shop is created all you need to do is share the link. If you promote your business on social media, a great way to share the link is by putting it in the bio. This will open up a new sales channel for you and lead to lots of sales for your business!

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