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In this overview of the merchant dashboard, we will cover:

  • What is the merchant dashboard?

  • How to access the merchant dashboard

  • How to read your reports

  • Transactions and refunds

  • Payment links

  • Remittance

  • Managing your shop and online ordering system

What is the merchant dashboard?

The merchant dashboard is an online platform for you to see your full transaction data, track sales reports, send payment links, issue refunds, manage your shop and orders all in one place.

How to access the merchant dashboard

To access the merchant dashboard, you need to login from a desktop PC.

You can enter the dashboard either by scanning the QR code when presented or sending yourself a text message (SMS).

To scan the QR code you will need your mobile phone and laptop. You simply need to open the Pomelo Pay app on your phone and go to settings then select Scan Dashboard Login code. Once your camera is on point your phone to the QR code on your screen to capture the code, once scanned you’ll be able to see your dashboard.

Alternatively, you can send yourself a verification code to your phone number, once you get the verification code simply enter the code when prompted. Once the code is entered you’ll be able to view your dashboard.

If you're a first time user, register here.

How to read reports on the merchant dashboard

Simply click on Dashboard from the left hand menu to view your reports. It provides quick insights and advanced sales reports so you can see all your transactions and revenue. This can be refined to the day, week, month or year. It will allow you to track what you are selling, when you are selling it and when you’re going to be paid.

Benefits to your business:

  • Easy to understand reports to make better business decisions.

  • The ability to manage all your transactions.

  • Calculate your average transaction value.

  • Get an overview of data to track your revenue.

Transactions and refunds

By clicking on Transactions on the left hand menu, you will be able to view your transactions. You will be able to easily see the value, status, type of payment method you have used with the customer, the date and the time of the transaction. You have the option to refine your transaction list with the toggles on the right hand side, for example, if you are looking to view all confirmed, pending or refunded transactions only.

To issue a refund in seconds from the Merchant dashboard, or within the app, simply click on Transactions from the left hand menu. Select the payment to be refunded and select Refund. The money will usually show in the customer’s account within 5-7 working days.

Benefits to your business:

  • Manage the transaction list to view how it suits you.

  • Keep track of all transactions in one place.

  • The ability to export all transactions taken between certain dates to save or print as hard copies.

  • Get an overview of your refunds to customers.

Payment links

You can send Payment Links in seconds from the Merchant dashboard. Click on Payment Links from the left hand menu, enter the amount to be requested and click Next. A secure payment link is automatically generated. Simply enter the recipient's email address and send to request payment. You'll receive an email alert when payment is made.

Benefits to your business:

  • The ability to make sales when your customer isn’t there with you physically or you need time to calculate a bill.

  • Keep your customers safe.

  • No more chasing customers.

  • Securely send links directly to your customers' inboxes.

For more information on payment links, read this article.


View your deposits and payouts in real-time from the Merchant dashboard by clicking on Remittance from the left hand menu.

Managing your online shop and online ordering system

By clicking on My shop in the left hand menu, you will be able to manage your online shop. Here, you will have access to your unique static QR code to download or print, and a personal URL link to your online shop. This gives you the ability to turn any location into a sales channel by displaying your unique static QR code. Your customer simply has to scan this QR code and it will allow them to view products to your shop or menu on their own phone (don’t worry, they don’t need an app).

For more information on static QR codes, read this article here.

You will also have a backend view and the ability to personalise your online shop. Upload products, your business logo, banners, location, brand colours - whatever defines your business and makes it stand out!

Your orders can also be accessed on the left hand menu. Choose whether you want to view this in board or list view through the option at the top of the screen. Your orders from customers will be split into new, in-progress and completed.

This is a great way to track when orders come in, keep on top of your in-progress orders before they get sent out, and view which have been successfully marked as completed.

On the top right corner, there will be a settings icon. If you click this, you will be able to add additional order statuses that suit your business if needed, and choose whether you show unpaid orders from your customer in your workflow.

Benefits to your business:

  • A mobile preview that gives you the ability to view your online shop from the customer's perspective when building your shop.

  • The ability to take your business anywhere safely with unique static Paycodes.

  • Easy to use - no coding or experience required.

  • A platform to keep on top of your workflow and manage status of orders.

For more information on the shop, read this article.

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