When you signed up with us we asked you for your ID and some information about your business. This is known as KYC or 'Know Your Customer'. We don't ask you because we are being nosey (although we love to get to know our future merchants better), it's for regulatory purposes.

We want to enable as many businesses as possible to use our services however it's a balancing act. To successfully apply to Pomelo Pay there are certain criteria that needs to be met, for example being over 18 or having valid ID. But we also need to make sure that you pass our eligibility checks when it comes to your business. This is to understand the legitimacy of your business and assess the source of funds passing through our system.

If you are a new business we understand that you might not have a website set up or a history of receiving payments however the more information you can give us the better. With more details about your business the faster we can verify your business and get you up and running.

If your business has been rejected it is simply because it didn't pass our risk assessment. Hopefully we can broaden our scope of accepting businesses as we grow but for now we have to adhere to strict regulations to ensure that we are compliant.

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