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How much does Pomelo Pay cost?
How much does Pomelo Pay cost?
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How much do I pay?
With Pomelo Pay, there are no upfront costs, no subscription charges and no contracts. It's free to register and download the Pomelo Pay app, and the standard transaction fee starts from just 1.49%.  

The merchant dashboard is also included free of charge - helping you send payment requests, view funds and issue refunds in seconds from your smartphone or PC.

Why do I have to pay a transaction fee?
It costs money to process transactions and keep them secure, but most payment providers use complicated tiering, making it tough to manage your cash flow. Pomelo Pay applies one flat fee per transaction, from as little as 1.49% (that's less than 15p per £10 spent!).

But cash, invoices and bank transfers are free?!
Pomelo Pay offers superior benefits to traditional payment methods, including:

  • Save time: get paid upfront using your smartphone or send payment requests in seconds, so you can stop wasting hours reconciling invoices and chasing for payment. You'll never be out of pocket again!

  • Stay secure: payments are securely encrypted and you never have to share your account information.

  • Satisfy customers: let clients pay using their favourite payment methods, rather than forcing them to visit an ATM or login to their online banking to transfer funds.

How do you compare to card readers?
Traditional card readers often cost hundreds of pounds, with steep and complex processing fees. With Pomelo Pay you save the cost and hassle of buying a card reader and carrying it around - plus you only pay one flat fee per transaction.

How do you compare to iZettle, Sumup and PayPal Here?
You save on the cost of the card reader and can enjoy one flat transaction fee. Pomelo Pay also allows you to scale your business more quickly - if you have three staff taking payments, you don't need to buy three card readers. You can simply download the Pomelo Pay app to their smartphones. You can remove, add, and change permissions for all users from our free merchant dashboard. Our rates start from just 1.49%, one of the lowest in the market, and we regularly benchmark our pricing to ensure we remain competitive.

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