What are the supported printers?
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Supported printers

Pomelo can support printers that are either connected via LAN to your router and Bluetooth printers. Below is a list of supported printers that can be used:

  • mPOP

  • SM-L Series

    • SM-L200

    • SM-L300

  • SM-S Series

    • SM-S210i (For Japanese market only)

    • SM-S220i (Other Japanese markets only)

    • SM-S230i (Other Japanese markets only)

  • SM-L Series

    • SM-T300i

    • SM-T400i

  • mC-Print3

    • MCP30

    • MCP31

  • mC-Print2

The mode we support is starPRNT . For more information on how to switch your printer to starPRNT , click here (page 20).

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