In this overview we will cover:

  • What is Tap to Pay?

  • How does Tap to Pay work?

  • Main features of Tap to Pay

  • Benefits to your business

What is Tap to Pay?

Tap to Pay is a new feature that enables merchants to take card payments by tapping cards directly onto a phone. This eliminates the need for an external card reader or machine to be used when taking payments.

How does Tap to Pay work?

Open the Pomelo Pay app on your phone and enter the amount you want to charge the customer. You will then see all of the in-person payment methods on the screen, where you can click card. Select 'Tap to Pay' and present the screen to your customer.

The customer simply needs to tap their card or phone using Apple or Google Pay on your device to complete the sale. They will not need to enter a pin code unless the sum is larger than the contactless limit.

If the customer is required to enter their pin, they can do so by securely typing their pin code into your device.

Our Tap to Pay technology has been built to the highest security standards and is Payment Card Industry certified. Your customer’s card number and pin are securely processed and never stored on the device, the same as a physical payment terminal. This means your customers, and your business, are always protected.

Once the transaction is complete, a receipt will show on the screen which you can email over to your customer.

Main features of Tap to Pay

Cutting edge technology

Pomelo Pay is one of the first companies in the UK to turn any NFC-enabled Android device into a point-of-sale terminal

No more expensive hardware

Tap to Pay uses your own phone device, meaning that you will be free from using expensive and heavy hardware that relies on bluetooth connections and WiFi.

It's cost effective
Tap to Pay technology means that you do not need to buy a card machine or spend money on costly terminal rental fees.

Benefits to your business

Tap to Pay provides a smoother and quicker checkout process for your business, so your customers will have a better experience and more flexibility when it comes to the payment.

You don't need to buy a card machine so there is no extra cost to use Tap to Pay. Pay just 1.49% fee per transaction.

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