There are many ways that Pomelo Pay can help your business during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here's how we can support you:

Stay safe and secure with contactless

We advise against handling cash and using chip and PIN payments during the pandemic, as this means that you will be touching more things. We support contactless payments with our QR codes that are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and major debit/credit cards.

For more information on QR codes, read this article.

Our payment requests are also a great way to take payments remotely. This is a safe solution if you cannot physically take payments from your customer in person. Send your payment requests via SMS, WhatsApp, email or even put the link in your invoice for customers to pay.

For more information on payment requests, read this article.

Keep business booming with our free online shops

We know that it is a tricky time for businesses, especially having to shut their doors during local lockdowns. We are offering solutions to businesses so that they can reach more customers, and sell in a safe, convenient way around the clock. For example, if you are a shop owner, you could move your products online to sell. If you are a restaurant owner, setting up an online menu for food collection could be a great solution. We help businesses do that with our shop feature. Set up a website in minutes with us for free, customise it, add your logo and products - and what's even better? No coding or website knowledge is needed to set it up!

For more information on shop, read this article.

Social distancing made easy with online ordering system

To reopen, food businesses need to set up shop to meet UK government health and safety regulations. Owners must maintain social distancing, use contactless ordering/payment methods and ensure surfaces are cleaned regularly.

Even if you’re a small shop, social distancing doesn’t have to be stressful. Shifting to an online ordering system means your customers can order and pay from outside the shop or from a table inside. No unnecessary interaction with staff or other customers is needed and safe distances can be kept!

Contact us

Our team is always here to help you find a solution to keep your business running safe and securely during the pandemic. If you need help to find the solutions that benefit your business most, or need some assistance in setting things up to get your business up and running, then please contact us.

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