In this overview we will cover:

  • What is Test Mode?

  • How does Test Mode work?

  • Main features of Test Mode

What is Test Mode?

We've introduced a faster way to try us out with Test Mode. You will be able to navigate around the app, with quick access to our payment tools such as payment requests and online shop.

How does Test Mode work?

To access Test Mode all you need to do is give us a few basic details such as your name, your email and the name of your business. Once you have completed this short sign up process, you can dive right into trying out the Pomelo Pay app. The only difference is that you will not be able to take payments from customers.

Main features of Test Mode

Full access to all our features

Take a tour of the app and try out features such as turning your phone into a card machine or sending payment links. You can even have a go at creating an online shop!

Experience the full payment flow

Fancy seeing what the payment screen will look like to your customers? Become a pro by experiencing the full payment flow - you can now check out what the payment screen will look like from your customer’s perspective when you charge them using the app.

Set up your business account in advance
If you have decided to fully sign up with us, you will be in Test Mode whilst we verify the ID checks. This is the perfect opportunity to add your business or shop to your account. Upload your logo, colour scheme, products - whatever makes your business unique. Once your account has been verified by the Pomelo Pay team, you will be set to sell straight away!

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