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How do I send payment links to my customers?
How do I send payment links to my customers?
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With Pomelo Pay you can take payments remotely by simply using the Pomelo Pay app. No card reader is required.

Payment request - perfect for when your customer isn’t present or you need time to calculate the bill.

  1. Download the Pomelo Pay app for iPhone or Android and sign up for free.

  2. Open the app, go to Payment request and enter the amount you want to charge the customer. You can also enter a reference and pay-by-date if you like.

  3. Choose how you would like to send the payment request. You can either send it by email or share it via WhatsApp or text message.

  4. Your customer receives your email or message with the payment link.

  5. Once your customer clicks on the link they can easily pay the amount with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major debit/credit card. You’ll get an email notification as soon as it’s paid and you’ll receive the funds in your bank account the next working day.

Watch this video for simple steps on how to send a payment request by email.

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