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How do I turn my phone into a card reader?
How do I turn my phone into a card reader?
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How do I take payments using Pomelo Pay?

With Pomelo Pay you can take payments in-person by simply using the Pomelo Pay app. No card reader is required.

In-person (Pomelo Charge) - perfect for mobile workers such as tradespeople, hairdressers or personal trainers who want to take payments on the spot.

  1. Download the Pomelo Pay app for iPhone or Android and sign up for free.

  2. Open the app, enter the order amount into the keypad and generate your unique, secure QR code.

  3. Your customer scans the QR code using their phone camera and pays with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major debit/credit card. They do not need the Pomelo Pay app or any other app to do this. They'll receive a receipt which they can email to themselves, and you’ll receive the payment in your bank account the next working day.

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