You, as the owner of the account, can add new users to your account by following these steps: 

  • Opening the menu on the top left corner on the app or opening your Dashboard

  • Select Company settings.

  • Select Manage users.

  • Click the + sign in the top right corner to invite a new user.

  • Choose the role you want to assign to them.

  • Enter their email address and role.

They will then receive an email with a link and an invite code. Please tell them to wait until this email arrives, and not do any action prior to it.

Once they have received the email, they can now sign up following these steps:
1. Download the app.
2. Select I have been invited when the options appear.
3. Enter the Invite code from the email.
4. Continue on the app to fill out other information.

Any mobile phone number they have is fine and doesn’t have to be a UK phone number. Once they have completed sign up, they can use the app to take payment etc.

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