How do I access the Merchant Dashboard?
Login to the Merchant Dashboard from a desktop PC to see your full transaction data, send payment requests, and issue refunds.  If you're a first time user, register here.

How do I send a payment request?
You can send payment requests in seconds from the Merchant Dashboard.  Click on "Payment Request" from the left hand menu, enter the amount to be requested and click Next.  A secure payment link is automatically generated.  Simply enter the recipient's email address and Send to request payment.  You'll receive an email alert when payment is made.

How do I send a refund?
To issue a refund in seconds from the Merchant Dashboard, or within the app, simply click on "Transactions" from the life hand menu, select the payment to be refunded and select Refund. 

How do I view my payouts?
View your deposits in real-time from the Merchant Dashboard by clicking on "Remittance" from the left hand menu.

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