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Troubleshooting for Pomelo Charge

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Does Pomelo Pay work with my existing card reader?
Pomelo Pay works using just your smartphone, no card reader required. Payments made via Pomelo Pay do not require compatibility with traditional card readers, and you can manage your funds, send payment requests and issue refunds on the go from your smartphone or PC.  

Does Pomelo Pay accept contactless payments?
Many traditional card readers use contactless (or NFC) to accept payments. However NFC contains a passive chip that has to be replaced in order to upgrade key features - such as being able to accept new payments like Alipay or WeChat Pay - so merchants regularly need to buy replacement hardware. By switching to Pomelo Pay's unique PayCodes, updates are automatically made within the app, for free. You'll save the cost and hassle of upgrading your card reader, and Pomelo Pay accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major debit/credit card.

The PayCode is not being generated
To generate a PayCode, enter an amount into the keypad and select Charge. If no PayCode is generated, please ensure your phone is connected to WiFi, or your mobile data is turned on. If this doesn't work, please contact us via live web chat, or email

My customer cannot scan the PayCode
Customers scan a PayCode by opening their phone camera and hovering it over the PayCode displayed on the merchant's phone. The PayCode is automatically captured by the QR Code Reader built in to the camera, and links the customer to the checkout portal to complete payment using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major debit/credit card.  

The customer can also type into their mobile web browser, and scan the code directly from there.

My customer does not have Apple Pay or Google Pay
The quickest way for customers to complete checkout on Pomelo Pay is by using Apple Pay or Google Pay to complete a payment. However if the customer wants to pay by card, they simply click on the Pay by card link in the checkout portal and enter their card details to complete payment. They can also enter their email address to receive an email receipt.

The customers' payment was rejected
A payment may be declined if there are insufficient funds in the customers' bank account, or if the account has been suspended due to fraud. Please ask the customer to check they have sufficient funds, or contact their bank directly to resolve the issue.

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