Who can use Pomelo Pay?
All businesses can use Pomelo Pay, including self-employed workers, sole traders, mobile businesses, freelancers and sole proprietors.  It's fast and free to start taking payments anywhere - from your customers' houses, to trade shows, to the park!

How do I take payments using Pomelo Pay?

  1. Register online, or directly from the Pomelo Pay app for Apple or Google.
  2. Open the app, enter the order amount into the keypad and generate your unique, secure PayCode.  
  3. Your customer scans the PayCode using their phone camera and pays with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major debit/credit card.  They'll receive an email receipt, and you'll get paid daily.

So, I just need a smartphone to get started?
Yes!  Take payments using the app on your smartphone - no card readers or any additional equipment required. 

How do I send payment requests?
To send a payment request simply login to your Dashboard and select "Payment Request" from the left-hand menu, then follow the onscreen instructions to issue the invoice in seconds.  You'll get an email alert when it's paid.

How soon will I get paid?
You can register to take payments instantly and deposits are paid daily.  

First time users need to verify their account by logging into their Dashboard, selecting Settings from the left hand menu and entering their Company Details, then navigating to Bank Settings and adding a bank account.  Verification takes no more than 24 hours.

How do I use the Merchant Dashboard?
Login to the Merchant Dashboard from a desktop PC to see your full transaction data, send payment requests, and issue refunds.  If you need help with specific features, just contact us using the live web chat tool.

How do I issue refunds?
Refunds can be issued in seconds within the app or from a desktop PC by selecting "Transactions" from the left hand menu, clicking on the payment you want to refund, and selecting "Refund".

Can I download the app onto my desktop PC?
Currently in-person payments are only available via the mobile app, but you can still send online payment requests from a desktop PC in seconds.  Simply register online, select "Payment Requests" from the left hand menu and follow the instructions to send the request.  The customer will receive an email with a unique PayCode that they scan with their phone camera and pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay, or by entering the details of any debit/credit card.  

What is a PayCode?
A PayCode is a Quick Response code (QR code), which directs customers to a secure Checkout Portal to complete payment, so you don't need to share your bank details. Customers scan a PayCode by opening their phone camera and hovering it over the PayCode displayed on the merchant's phone, and then pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major debit/credit card.

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