What is Pomelo Pay?  
Pomelo Pay is a hardware-free mobile payment service provider offering a secure, simple and hassle-free way to take payments in an instant. Using our free Pomelo Pay app, you can take card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many other wallets without the need for a card reader. Your customers do not need to download anything.

Better yet, you can manage your cashflow on the go - including sending payment requests via email or message, viewing funds and issuing refunds from your smartphone or computer.

How do I get started/ How do I sign up?
Start by downloading the Pomelo Pay app for Apple or Android, then go through our simple registration form on the app. As part of our KYC process, we may ask for your Government-issued ID such as passport or driving licence, National Insurance number, and details about what you do such as company name or trading name, the industry you operate in, etc., so it would be more efficient to have these information with you. The registration form should take about 5 minutes to complete. 

There's no upfront costs, no contract, and we accept all major debit and credit card payments, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How do I take a payment?
Taking a payment is easy for you, and for your customers.  Enter the order amount into the keypad in the app and press 'Charge' to generate a unique PayCode.  The customer scans the code with their phone camera and completes payment, with an email receipt.

Why choose Pomelo Pay?

  • Free and fast setup, so you can instantly start taking payments

  • Works using just your smartphone, no card reader required

  • Accepts all major payment methods, with no upfront costs

  • Get paid quickly - with fast next day deposits

Who can use Pomelo Pay?
Any business or self-employed person can use Pomelo Pay, and it's fast and free to get started. Pomelo Pay is great for mobile businesses as you can take payments anywhere - from your customers' houses, to trade shows, to the park!

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